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  FTP not working
Posted by: Kundart - 08-07-2018, 02:01 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (6)

Hello, I've recently got a limitless hosting, but the FTP is not working, if you're saying the password is wrong, it is not, it is correct, also in the cPanel, when I try to edit the "mtaconfig" through that panel, it says FTP Error, can you solve this please? My user number is 158

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  [RPG] West Side:RPG [ENGLISH]
Posted by: Ak47 - 08-07-2018, 12:01 AM - Forum: MTA SA - Server Advertising - Replies (2)

West Side:RPG

Dear reader, do you play MTA San Andreas? Fascinating.
Multi Theft Auto project West Side:RPG . New Roleplay Gaming Server(RPG). Based on real life, acting, roleplaying, playing like in real world. Server made and still gets developed with cool, dope and lit GTA V and own made features!
Main things: Roleplay, CnR, Race, Fun, Mods, Updates, Military, Terrorists and much MORE!
Earning money in many diffrent ways, as police job, a lot civilian jobs, criminal jobs, official squads, gangs, civilian companies. If you're interested for more information or ask any queation, joins us on discord, or ask on forum. 
Main server page: http://westsiderpg.com/

A community built with user-friendly admins, players, and so on. The fun is yet to be discovered by you and only you.

Join us now, and enjoy your stay!
(server still under development, patience please)

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  Reply needed
Posted by: Robben - 08-06-2018, 05:42 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (3)

@Mega or @Vortex What you mean with you have posted a bad quality post ? let me know my mistake so i don't make it again.

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  SA-MP Server Requested !
Posted by: Robben - 08-06-2018, 02:40 AM - Forum: Active servers - Replies (2)

Your Username: Robben
Your Full Name: Adham Emad Abdel-Hamid
Your Email: adham978emad@gmail.com
Slots: 50
Sponsor Name: Limitless RPG or VPSVortex
Location:  USA
Why do you need FREE Server?: Because i want to play with my friends in a server and i am scripter as well i have script and i want to use it and open a server.

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Posted by: Robben - 08-06-2018, 01:44 AM - Forum: Introduction - Replies (2)

Hey everyone,
My gamer name is "Robben", and my real name is "Adham", I am 16 years old, I live in Egypt.

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  ping reducing!
Posted by: sadesh - 08-05-2018, 02:34 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (5)

You can improve your services by reducing ping? give me more details about this  Smile

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  New Vip system
Posted by: Waleed_Jamal - 08-05-2018, 10:07 AM - Forum: SAMP - Scripts/Gamemodes/Help - Replies (1)

                                                                        Waleed's VIP System                                                                                                       


25 Commands:
/vheal - heals yourself
/varmour - gives armour to yourself
/vcar - Spawns a VIP car
/vboat - Spawns a VIP boat
/vsay - Show messages to all players
/vbike - Spawns a VIP bike
/vpm - PMs a player
/vgoto - Teleports to someone's position
/vweapons - Gives some VIP weapons
/vskin - Sets skin ID to players
/vweather - Sets yourself weather ID 0
/vspawn - Spawns yourself
/vcarcolor - Changes your carcolor
/vgod - Enables and disables GodMode
/vmotorbike - Spawns a VIP motorbike
/vann - Announce a message to all players with different styles
/vkick - Kicks a player out of the server
/vminigun - Gives a minigun 
/vfix - Fixes your car
/vjetpack - Gives a jetpack
/vgodcar - Enables and disables GodCar Mode
/vnos - Adds nitro to your car
/vhouse - Teleports to VIP house (Madd Dog's Mansion)
/vheli - Spawns a VIP heli
/vplane - Spawns a VIP plane
/eventhelp - Shows some event commands
/vafk - Enables AFK Mode
/back - Disables AFK Mode
/vcc - Clears the chat

Player Commands:
/vhelp - With this command you ask for help from VIPs

Type /vcommands to see VIP commands

[Image: 2qwjzgz.png]

VIP Chat

To Chat with other VIPs use the "#" symbol

[Image: 2wd7ymu.png]

[Image: akwghh.png]

[Image: 30c2b10.png]

Some VIP Rules

To see these rules type /vrules

[Image: 1zh2rd2.png]

Joining Message

[Image: 2nsyki0.png]

Show Online VIPs

[Image: fk8as6.png]

[Image: 3r4us.png]

VIP Label

[Image: 2z3tdlx.png]

VIP House with some pickups inside

[Image: amxwqs.png]

[Image: 2ntbxht.png]

[Image: 9u2pmh.png]

[Image: 10nsw94.png]

[Image: mlpl6v.png]

[Image: dlhvmp.png]

[Image: 2ywwtnm.png]


[Image: 2ut6tna.png]

VIP Announce

VIP Announce has other styles two but I will show you only style 6.Note: Style 2 is not working!

[Image: fbhwlz.png]

How to be VIP?

Go In-Game and login into /rcon [yourpassword]
Then type /setlevel [playerid] [viplevel]


Go to scriptfiles/YotiVIP/Yourname.txt and change "VipLevel" from 0 to 1,2 or 3

To make YotiVIP works, download and add to your server:

Y_Ini by Y_Less
sscanf by Y_Less
ZCMD by Zeex

Download Link


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  Reaction Contest/Quiz/Typing
Posted by: Waleed_Jamal - 08-05-2018, 10:01 AM - Forum: SAMP - Scripts/Gamemodes/Help - Replies (1)

Reaction Contest - Question Test Creator w/ command


First off all. I didn't copy this from Zher0. Yes i copy the idea but i script this my own.
I use YCMD and sscanf. This is different from other Reaction Contest and Question Test script.

Credits to Y_Less, Zher0. 

You type the command to start the Question or the Type Word.
To change the prize ($) and prize2 (score) change the define.
To change the end time of the question or typing change the define.

How to use the filterscript

open your server.cfg
on the filterscripts line

You will see


filterscripts LuxAdmin
plugins sscanf

Add reques in filterscripts line (in the right side of LuxAdmin)


filterscripts LuxAdmin reques
plugins sscanf

Add sscanf in plugins line 


filterscripts LuxAdmin reques
plugins sscanf


Parameters: question | answer

Question - The question
Answer - will be the answer in the question

Usage (Explanation):


You need to put "," (without quotes) after the question. 


/startquestion Who i am?, Romel

Who i am? - Is the question
, - Splitting it so that SA-MP will not think that Who i am? and Romel is in the same string
Romel - Is the answer.



Parameters: word

Word - The word will be typed by player.


/starttype Justin Bieber is shit!

The first one who types it wins the PRIZE_PER_CONTEST and PRIZE_PER_CONTEST_SCO.
And kills the KillTest Timer.

How the system works?

So here is the explanation.

The system command is run by y_commands by Y_Less.
Which means fast.

Then in splitting strings. We use sscanf not that slow strtok.

When player starts a contest everytime.
A variable will set to 1 and a timer will run for QUESTION_TIMER (TYPING_TIMER). So that. Player cannot create contest at the same time. Or else will go to a glitch technical problems. When the KillTest callback has been called. The variable has been set back to 0. Then the timer will be killed. 

When player wins. The variable is also set back to 0 and the timer is killed.
Easy isn't it?
Reaction Contest - Question Test Creator (Full) - SolidFiles

Reaction Contest - Question Test Creator (Source) - Pastebin

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  Want Diamond/Platinum vip SYstem
Posted by: Waleed_Jamal - 08-05-2018, 09:57 AM - Forum: MTA SA - Scripts/Help - Replies (1)

Want Diamond/Platinum Vip system for cops and robbers server.

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  Advance Fishing system gifted by my friend!
Posted by: Waleed_Jamal - 08-05-2018, 09:53 AM - Forum: SAMP - Scripts/Gamemodes/Help - Replies (2)


Hello guys , 
Today i have make a Advance Fishing System which is located on Santa Maria Beach

More Info:

* When player does fishing 5 times his fishing rod will gonna minus
* If Player Didn't have any Bait/Fishing Rod he can't start fishing
* Player can catch upto 1 - 10 Fishes
* Player Have To Wait 15 Minutes Before Start Fishing Again
* Player Can See His/Another's Stats
* You can easily Change fish selling price and buying Fishing rod or bait . which you can find at line 23 to 32

//// ** FISH SELL ** ////

#define SFPRICE 20000
#define BFPRICE 50000
#define VBFPRICE 100000

//// ** FOR BUY ** ////

#define FRPRICE 1000
#define BPRICE 2000
* There are three types of Fishes in this Fish System

1) Small Fish
2) Big Fish
3) Very Big Fish

* There are 3 types of fish as you see above . And there are the percentage of getting Fishes

1) Small Fish 70% Chance to get it
2) Big Fish 20% Chance to get it
3) Very Big Fish 10% Chance to get it


/fStats -- To See His/Another's Stats

FuNkY -- For Making This Fishing System
ZeeX -- For ZCMD
Emmet_ -- For Sscanf2
Incognito -- For Streamer
Y_Less -- For Y_INI

[Image: 9F2ek7S]

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