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Your vehicle in mta/samp?
I drive modified cars (My prefered is Nissan 370z)
I driveing all time with sultan and that is my best car.
MTA:SA Sultan the best car  and Uranus Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
infernus and cheetah and nrg because it is the most fastest vechile in the game idk but it is very fast for me
super-gt is the best one and phoneix kind cool and good
Infernus and Super GT the coolest car in the MTA,,, and you can add mods
I like Patriot, Hydra, NRG and Cheetah, these make me feel like a real soldier or cop xD
Guess I'm the first guy who will say this but I love muscle cars. So my favourites are as follows:
1. Buffalo
2. Phoenix
3. Sabre
4. Clover
[Image: G6HYac9.jpg]
I like Shamal , Hydra , Infernus , Hunter and NRG-500 of course because they are fast
[Image: 15895302_522189844656097_574090964430216...e=593336AE]
Sultan, because i love subaru and this car is very simular to it.

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