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Your vehicle in mta/samp?
im Infernus and nrg-500 becaUse very Fast   and Added mod very cool  Tongue
oh, this question is very lol.

I'm MTA:SA. and ofc Infernus and NRG-500
[Image: n-560x95_EDF2F2_FFFFFF_0A0A0A_2E2929.png]
"MTA:SA" Sultan the best car becaouse this the best tuning and "Uranus"
"NRG-500" and "Infernus" , Both are fast and cool to ride on.
Well infernus and nrg-500 are the best if you put some good modes and change them a bit
I like Cheetah -lot as it is stable and steady
I also like Infernus as it is fast
I like Tahoma as its driving is very comfortable and realisitic
I like Sanchez & NRG too.
I have enough posts for october.
The fastes car is Infernus,but I rly like Banshee,its soo cool car,and fast too Smile
I like Intruder if added as Audi R8 and Sabre if added as a Dodge

Both are good!
Lykan also..alot more
Super Gt, but Infernus and Cheetah are both cool too Big Grin
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
Infernus - Handling and Stunts

Sanchez - Climbing Rocks with it

NRG - being fast af.
[Image: 560x95_FF0000_FF9900_000000_000000.png]

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