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Your Best Weapon MTA / SAMP?
In MTA the sniper rifle sucks cuz the sync on MTA is terrible, but i still enjoy it, deagle is the best in MTA i think.

In SAMP there is a good sync so sniper and m4 is the best.
[Image: 27ad988d471e19cc7af728aebfb5a96c694.png]
[Image: 429afcec6f4d8b7953367133f02c5594731.jpg]
I like Sniper Rifle/Combat Shotgun/Sawn-Off and Grenades xD
Also in MTA i like this weapons :p :
Deagle , Spaz , M4 , RPG , MiniGun,Grende, and I'm pro with Hydra RPG's
That's It Tongue
[Image: 560x95_FF9100_00FF15_000000_000000.png]
Minigun, kill them all by one second :Big Grin  Good for deathmatching
Sniper rifle. God damn sniper rifle, it's the best gun ever, :O its amazing, try it.
I like M4 because with this gun is esay shoot short and longer ranges
Sniper,M4,Mp5,Deagle,Minigun Those are the Best in SAMP. Top Shooters use That Kind of Weapons
the M4 is the best weapon in MTA, personally Big Grin it got firepower and range Big Grin
[Image: mfhrvy.png.deb4a8037221b9695d800df218e86ef1.png]
Combat Shougnt , sniper , M4 , Greande , knife , deagle
Actually, They are The Most Awesome Guns, all The members Select Them. I Know them also

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