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Your Best Weapon MTA / SAMP?
Deagle......OP Dmg in RolePlay servers......the best weapon ever!
AK-47 , Uzi are my lovely weapons , just gimme them and i will rekt anyone
Minigun In SA:MP AND MTA:SA! Its Very Fast And Have Very High Damage.For A Second You Will Destroy A Car!!!!!!!!
AK47 best weapon ever xD
And the deagle in pistol :d
my weapon is c4 i use it too much an the only weapon who control time of hit
Hi my favorite weapon in MTA in shotgun, SAMP I really like minigunt
I am good with Camera and Digle as well!
Call me if you need help with any of these :p
i like deagle and sniper and shotgun
i also like throwing grenade then send it away with the sniper HAHA
my best weapon in mta/samp is the deagle or the spas 12
My Best Weapon in MTA is mini gun it's kills any player in seconds.
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