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Your Best Weapon MTA / SAMP?
im sniper rifle in MTA.BecauSe i lile to shoot from a far
And im tec in SAMP,BecaUse it Can shoot while walking :v
Im best parachute killer in MTA & SAMP!
I am good with Camera and Dildo as well!
Call me if you need help with any of these :p
I have enough posts for october.
Deagle......OP Dmg in RolePlay servers......the best weapon ever!
Deagle, Sinper, Spaz, also i like dildo :p ............
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
Admin Panel is the best, can kill the server and all people
Admin panel Big Grin that is te best Big Grin. I like sniper and ak-47 or uzi,tec9
Deagle , M4 , AK  in RolePlay the best weapon ever! [ MTA ]
Like the love playing with the RPG since I got money to buy rockets witch arent a problem for me :Big Grin since i pru
Sniper, Spaz, Sometimes Colt and Deagle Big Grin
Grenades aree good to actually Tongue
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
Since i started to play i like deagle and sniper for samp

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