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You hacked SA:MP before?
no i've never hacked on it because i don't like cheating , games are better when it is fairplay
i was using alot of hacks but now a days, i play without hacks. pure play.
What do you mean mate why would u be proud of that xD, that's not a good thing to do, those people are working hard to make the server enyojable and great and you ruin it for them with hacking them, that ain't nice mate.
I never cheated...but i did use Sniper Zoom...
I dont think its cheat...but who knows Big Grin
I never hacked at SA:MP or MTA:SA. Though, a friend of mine tried to get a cracked GTA:SA, he got one with snow mod.. we thought it was just snow mod, but when he jumped twice, he could fly in all SA:MP servers. It was kind of by an accident, so I don't think it was really hacking lol.
i was hacking with some trainers and using cleo mods for having fun on roleplay server xd

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