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When did you start gaming?
Tell us more about yourself!
I'll start.

I started playing games about 11 years ago when i was a kid.
My first game was NFS MW 2005.

Something like that you see
when i was 7 years ago, i playing games for Kid xD
i started Multi Theft Auto as a debugger and scripter since 2 year ago.
when i was 11 age i watch my brother playing Other Games
hmmm... like when i was 7 years old. my first game was gta sa in ps2 but with nico belic skin LOL :\
When my school life . As my mind in 6 years old . Jump jet was it
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I started Gaming When i was a small Kid! I guess i was 8 Years Old Big Grin
I was going to pre-school when I started my gaming life. Zuma is my first mini game that I have played in my child hood.Even today,It has become my favourite mini games.
when i was 3yrs old i played some lan game and its just kid game :3
When i was 12. I play gta and i got addicted. So i play it lifetime.

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