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What was the first game you have played?
My first single game was : Pokemon FIre red
And multiplayer CS:GO and MTA:SA
The first game I have played is IGI-I'm Going In.It is a tactful game which belongs to shooting and some kind of adventure.I started to play that game in 7 years as I remember.
my Firstgame:Lan games
my secondgame:Gta vice city
thirdgame:flash games
My first single game was : NFS 5
And multiplayer : ta san andreas
The game that i've spent all my life playing on in MTA SA.
-First Game That I've Played: Minecraft and League of Legends
-Most Played Game(s):
*SinglePlayer Game : i dont play singleplayer Sad
*MultiPlayer Game : MTA San Andreas, League Of Legends

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