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What was the first game you have played?
GTA san andreas and MTA
The first game I played was..... uhm.. yeah, super Mario and vice city
Then I mostly played GTA and cs 1.6 online.
The first game I played was the 1990's pacman yeah Big Grin and i also play the old classic super mario bross Big Grin
still like the song Big Grin
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-Most Played Game(s):
*SinglePlayer Game : Dight light and GTA 5
*MultiPlayer Game : MTA San Andreas and GTA 5
the first game i've played was gta vice city
the games that i spend most of my time on it are mta sa and cs 1.6
The game that i've spent all my life playing on in GTA SA.
My First Game Is Total Overdose This Game Play In Mexico It's So Cool Game Smile
My first game i ever played was when i was 3 or 5, Was Rise of Nations!
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i used to play GTA II on cybercafe hehehe before i got a pc.
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Pink Panther and another game but i forgot what it was.
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