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What type of game do you prefer?
I'd really like games that are rather military based. Like real military simulators and all. Forexample, ARMA.
1. MTA:SA type
2. FPS or not FPS but preferabely FPS.
3. A game with nice amount of cars
4. Made for wooden laptops Big Grin
5. Very fun like MTA:SA
I like the high graphic games , war and sport games
I prefer online games over all. My favourite are MOBAS like League of Legends, Smite or Dota 2, but I also love SAMP servers and I think it is one of the best online supports right now.
I prefer the game which has good graphics but designed for low-end computers , and i also prefer online games too like u all Smile
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mostly 3rd person games like APB: Reloaded. DayZ, Battlefield Heroes(which is dead now).

And SA:MP ofcourse.
I prefere the games which has:
Good graphic
No lag
HD Games actually. (No Offense MTA) it doesnt have to be a shooting game, HD games will be enough.
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Gta V or VI But if you have low pc so maybe CS GO and i recommend samp i love this game but samp have low graphics so you wont play it...
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