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What do you think about CRISPR?
Well that's must be have a side effect for that. For example : the baby will die sooner than a normal baby.
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
We've never seen the CRISPR gene-editing tool used like this before. Scientists have turned a Japanese garden plant from violet to white by disrupting a single gene - yet more evidence of the huge potential that CRISPR holds.
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Oh, so great very nice. I like it <3 haha xD Big Grin the babies
lol we won't age ? for sure we will but sersly those things that we hears everyday by the evolution sounds scary and may be too dangerous
Damn curing illness, is it that good? I dont even know what im talking about right now
yes nice video i like it.It's look like a cartoon.Giving a nice Idea
It's the best video ever. I really liked it and I have seen for some many time. Good job.
Well, CRISPR might fail in the future, but who knows... We might be alive to see it succeed
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