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Welcome our new sponsor[VPSVortex]

We are glad to announce that we have found one sponsor.
Welcome our new sponsor, @VPSVortex 

Their host is located in United States!

If you are looking for a VPS, you can always buy from VPSVortex.com, they will provide 25% to LimitlessRPG users only!

Check out this too, to know how to request for a free game server: http://limitlessrpg.com/Announcement-How...REE-Server

Limitless Free Hosting
Welcome the company @VPSVortex !
I wish you the best in our company.
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
Welcome @VPSVortex, thanks for sponsoring our community.
[Image: G6HYac9.jpg]
Thank you very much, I appreciate the welcome! I hope to help grow the community and help as often as I can. If you guys need anything just let me know.

Welcome to Limitless Hosting i am very happy and i wish you clear and unlimited work.
What is VPS useful for?
I have only heard about VPN.

Never mind, I guess it's virtual private server. So server hosting.

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