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West Side:RPG

Dear reader, do you play MTA San Andreas? Fascinating.
Multi Theft Auto project West Side:RPG . New Roleplay Gaming Server(RPG). Based on real life, acting, roleplaying, playing like in real world. Server made and still gets developed with cool, dope and lit GTA V and own made features!
Main things: Roleplay, CnR, Race, Fun, Mods, Updates, Military, Terrorists and much MORE!
Earning money in many diffrent ways, as police job, a lot civilian jobs, criminal jobs, official squads, gangs, civilian companies. If you're interested for more information or ask any queation, joins us on discord, or ask on forum. 
Main server page: http://westsiderpg.com/

A community built with user-friendly admins, players, and so on. The fun is yet to be discovered by you and only you.

Join us now, and enjoy your stay!
(server still under development, patience please)
Joined the discord server, went in announcements and what do I see - everything looks just like GTA V! I can't wait for it to open!
West Side RPG
BETA opened for 4days.
Discord - https://discord.gg/UxhnpaY
Forum - http://westsiderpg.com
Please report bugs at our forum or in our discord

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