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PUBG vs fortnite
Well mine is definitely Fortnite but PUBG isn't bad neither, just Fortnite is more like my type of the game. And it uses way more skill so that's what I like.
i like fortnite but never played it so...PUBG my game man
Really into it Big Grin
Dude I don't know what you guys think but I think that PUBG is kinda dead, and Fortnite is still shinning as it will be for a long time.
Of course Fortnite like 1 times better game atleast for me.. Requieres more skill anf knowledge but pubg aint bad neither
Ofc pubg I know if I say fortniet like cartonne the players of fortniet will insult me xD (fortniet sucks )
PUBG is the best on battleground because there are car to ride  Cool
definietly pubg, in fortnite u have to know how to build this towers, pubg is game where u need to know how to shoot not how to build, if i want to build i will go and play minecraft

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