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PUBG vs fortnite
Hi ! what is your favourite game among those two ? 

mine is fortnite , because you can build etc
[Image: giphy.gif]
Pubg is more better than fortnite. Fortnite is cartoon like ros lol hahahahahaha so play pubg.
since when a gamer care wether its cartoon or not lol ? if you judge by quality you shouldnt be here in the first place , because gta sa has far lower quality than those games
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PUBG is more enjoyable than Fortnite. But we can do anything in both games because they are freeroam.
i playing Fortnite is A better game survival and war on all best one
PUBG because i saw this game on phone of my friend and the graphic is awesome.
pubg is way more better not because it cost money it is not better than fortnite , pubg is way more fun and realistic than fortnite and the most important and awesome thing is local voice chat lol it can be really funny sometimes
I didn't play pubg, i played fornite and it's good i don't know about pubg.
The 2 games and not like each other,

Fornite: it's not realistic at all.

Playerunknown's BattleGrounds: it's realistic as fuck.
fornite wants a more beautiful game pubg system for him is playing more fornite

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