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PC or PS4 or Xbox One?
I have Xbox 360 and PC.. so i dont know, if you are kinda lazy and nightly person, you need Xbox or PS4 cuz any of you probably loves sleeping.. but if you are streamer or smh.. you might need a pc, to make quality content.. idk, you dfntly need pc, and think about what console ur friends have.
PC is the best easy to play on and alot of players to play with because some people poor to buy them
It's ez question to answer m8. Of course PC, but with minimum worth of 1000$ for playing all games that i prefer Big Grin
I think that everybody use on PC and I am 100 percent sure that it's the best platform for playing games.
PC is best, because I have lots of games and I'm not have that any consoles for games Big Grin
PC Gaming of course, you can play all Playstation games on PC
Gaming PC is the best,but PS4 is better than XBOx 100% Smile.
yeah i think i will go for pc only xbox is to expensive
Quote:[Image: 1150321_550843734988948_206345036_n.jpg?...e=5A24FB42]
i think i prefer pc because games in ps4 and console are too expensive Smile
pc, because you can do everything that you want internet, music, games, skype and more..

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