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PC or PS4 or Xbox One?
PS4 + PC Those Are The Best! !
Be a Scripter is like...
[Image: mp2en68zv]
1nd is PS4 
2nd is PC
3rd is XBox

Ps4 and PC for me
i always prefer pc because you can play on pc multi games of PS4,PS3,Xbox 360,Xbox one, you can found all this games in pc but u steel need a high pc xD for this !! Big Grin
my Favorite is PC Smile

You can upgrade as you want to. There is almost no limit.

You can't upgrade a PS4 or Xbox One. Well my Favorite as said is PC Smile
PC is THe Best and much better we no need buy games we can download it for our selfs
If you got a gaming PC it's fine
I liked pc TAKEN FOR MORE Easy tetapa Many viruses that are Difficult
the best XBOX game the WWE 2k16 GTA V and GTA SAN ANDREAS PS!!!!!!!!!
My favourite is PC and PS4. But I prefer PS4 because it has better graphic than PC right!? So why should I choose PC haah!
PC is better ofc,You can download games free.PS4,Xbox games are expensive Big Grin
If you got PC gamers you dont need them all as you can do anything on your PC

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