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PC or PS4 or Xbox One?
which do u like to play? i like to play the PC and Xbox one
My Favorite ys a PS4 !
PC is better indeed.
On PC You don't have to crack the chip to play cracked games.
On PC There are way bigger collection of games, than on console ever will be.
The only bad thing is that not everybody's PC Is powerful.
But on consoles you have to buy games, if you don't wanna mess with chip.
PC , Crack and play without problems Big Grin
PC is the best
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
I prefer PC because you can do w/e you want and its better
Phonemobile, PC then Xbox one, but the first is phone.
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
If you got a gaming PC it's fine, but PS4 is better
Gaming laptop IS THE BEST§
If you buy a Xbox or PS youbhave to pay much money to buy it games.
But if i get a gaming Computer i can download what i want for free, and when i buy it i get a free game from the company
Gaming pc is the best bro xbox need moneey for buy live and game and other but pc just dowloade the games then play Smile

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