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MTA SA / SAMP Wich Is best?
I also like more SAMP because you can make scripts to play Roleplay
MTA is better , becaus The scripters are awesome they update it every month i think, a bad problem it doesnt have any RP servers
Thats why i am in SAMP , but if i found an RP server there I'd never leave MTA
I like more SAMP , because is more attractive and have easy cmds , and a lot of players play SAMP...SAMP have good scripting !!!!! Heart Heart HeartSAMP4life
MTA IS BETTER , has more better uppdates and more players
I like MTA, but and San Andreas Multiplayer it's ok !!!!!!!
samp is better in my think cuz it have fast search in servers and put the name of the server and load at once
for me i like more samp than mta but mta is good too.
I would Say MTA Because it has Scripts that would easy to understand to produce

MTA IS THe best game ever ever ever. i could say it has very good program..,,.,
MTA SA is the best for me because it is too coll game play and nice servers, best scripting and admin panel...
[Image: giphy.gif]
I think MTA SA is best one because i never played on SAMP servers.

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