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MTA SA / SAMP Wich Is best?
MTA is light years ahead of SAMP (and I'm not hating, it's just a fact). It's got so much more features, less bugs, cheating is impossible and the feel is just great and flawless ^^
[Image: G6HYac9.jpg]
MTA ofcourse.
It has better game mods also more players than sa-mp.
MTA SA have good.
SAMP not have good graph.
[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_FF9900_000000_000000.png]
MTA San Andreas for sure, due to their level of injecting code into GTA SA, taking even original functions out of GTA and editing them like they want, and about the network stuff they're also in a good shape. Being this said, SAMP ain't rival for MTA SA when it's about comparing the code.
"Simple things are done by complex structures." - Simple01.
for me MTA:SA is more beautiful in scripts in servers and more specialized in RPG servers and you can get the cheepest scripts for mta sa and more easier to get more servers specially from watching topred keep watch topred channel
I'd say MTA:SA simply because it's better in general. Better player synchronization, better UI et cetera.
In my opinion MTA SA is better than SAMP and will be...
MTA is more Realistic Game than SAMP

SAMP is Just the Normal GTA:SA ,but MultiPlayer

MTA is MultiPlayerGTA:SA but you can invent and make new things in it , you can make it as the real life
MTA its definitely better, on SAMP its only "plugins'", on MTA, its real mods.

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