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How tall are you ?
Im interested to see how tall are you ? Big Grin

i consider myself pretty tall , 190cm
[Image: giphy.gif]
I'm 3.5 inch tall and I'm 16 years old.I think my growing index is matching with my age. Big Grin
yeah thats a decent length to age ratio..............
[Image: giphy.gif]
lol i think i am not tall and not short too
I am about 189 cm, but I don't know it exactly. Anyway I am not bad for my age.
I don't know how tall am i xD but i'm not short and not much tall.
I haven't checked how tall i'm since 3 years, I think i'm actually 1.7m or so
Uh, last year it was 190cm, didn't really go taller or smaller, so I guess still 190cm :p
well ' like 190-180cm i am tall xD ;v last year 170;v
im 175cm at age 15 so im not so tall but its good for me Wink

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