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Have you Complete GTA without CHEATCODES?
can't without cheats i think lol idk about your opinion.
Cheats 4 life
I Can't done the storyline without cheats but first and second mision i maded without cheats Big Grin
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Yes I have recently, I played the PC version using no cheats,mods or hacks. You can still end up with a high amount of money and weaponry as well if you play your cards right.

In my opinion GTA:SA is far much better and rewarding without the use of cheats.
Yes. i downloaded King of sanandreas from GTA inside Big Grin completed all In game Missions and tasks
Yes I have... it is GTA 4 . but i did not completed GTA VC or GTA SA without Cheats.
I hope to play GTA V without Cheat Codes
yes ! all GTA's are easy to complete withotu cheat codes Smile !
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Na and never because it is very hard to complete with out cheat codes.
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i forgot if i use cheat or not but i know i already finish it without codes its really hard
I had finished GTA vice city without use of Cheates and played GTA IV withput cheats ( 50%)
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Really first time i was playing gta sanandreas i passed many missions . But second time i hate cheatcodes. I play many and many missions without cheat codes.

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