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Have you Complete GTA without CHEATCODES?
I did once after I finished thousands of times with cheatcodes, it was impossibly hard .-.
Yeah, i complete GTA: SA without cheats, it was a little bit harder than i thought but ok Big Grin
Yeah ...... What wait, i didnt even play GTA Sanandreas Single player xD
Yes , I finish GTA SA for two times without cheat codes....I love that game!!And I love SAMP. Heart
Yea, i complete Grand Theft Auto without cheatcodes and was very simple. I like GTA!
(06-02-2017, 10:11 PM)cavemant Wrote: Have you Complete GTA without CHEATCODES? i have but it like few  than when playing with cheat codes especially going on rampage in the streets
I swear I havent made the first mission on gta just added end of the line data xD
yea i make that with sa when i'm was young and didnt know that time that i can get mg from the builting of lv xD
Gta san andreas without cheat codes eeheheh. Dont need that
If i was kid i playing GTA on CheatCode Tongue so yeah, i complete Tongue
No i didn't my life in playing gta is bad Sad ahaha but its okay

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