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GTA V or GTA IV updated ?
Of course, the graphics are better than GTA IV ._.
I have enough posts for october.
Of course GTA V because whatever the case the first reason being the graphics then the reason being realistic physics and so on.
GTA 5 if you can run it would be awesome but San Andreas are best game ever
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GTA V or GTA SA hahaha, my pc will be dead if i play to GTA V :v
I think Gta v its better then gta iv but gta samp its the best ever...
i like gta V , but my laptop cant play it :*( so ... gta Iv xD
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Gta v updtade and gta iv updated and gta V is good but gta iv Is best game of gta series
Gta v updated to dlc is very good but gta vi updated to gta iv !
Playing someone else in GTA 4. When I go to the search engine server is no one
Grand theft auto five its the best game forever Wink Wink Wink
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