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GTA V or GTA IV updated ?
Gta V Have Some NEW DLC And New Updates For Bug Fix And For A Good Game.
Of course V guys because million new items-Quests Multiplayer better than IV Million times so... Better effects new animations(Realictic) Nice mods
also i playing samp!! Because i got weak PC
[Image: I%20AM%20GAY_zpsgngnp6gh.gif]
my computer can't handle GTA:V :p

and can't handle  GTA IV :p

So i'm playing Multi theft auto :p <3
For sure you need GTA V, best Game ever. Now you can play Online with your friends

in Multi Five! Big Grin multifive.org


[Image: 560x95_FFFFFF_DB9123_000000_000000.png]
GTA Iv its good game for the year it get out , but GTA V its good for now when GTA VI will get out all will say GTA V its nice but VI better xD
Ofc GTA SA LOL it is the most played game in my whole life :v
jking !!, GTA V FTW Big Grin
GTA V of course, it has so many features and you have so many possibilities while playing.
I sure do like GTA V, but play GTA SA more lol. Only because of all the scripts out there for GTA SA, and the roleplay abilities as Five RP is over and kinda dead in my opinion.
Join the New Multi Player mod for gta v, Enjoy with your friends LSPDFR, Roleplay COming soon, and Drifting.


join now!

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I played both,but i don't know why,i liked GTA V more,maybe because i played it online etc,also graphic is better then GTA IV Big Grin

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