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GTA V or GTA IV updated ?
Which one do you prefer ? GTA V or GTA IV updated version ?

For me GTA IV is more way better than GTA V , although the graphics is not good as GTA V , but the performance is very different than GTA V especially for low-end PC users ( like me  Big Grin ) you will see a huge difference of the performance between GTA IV and GTA V

or maybe GTA SA is better ? Wink Big Grin
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my computer can't handle GTA:V :p
so , It will be GTA IV , ofc.
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Of course GTA V because whatever the case the first reason being the graphics then the reason being realistic physics and so on.
GTA:SA for old school and GTAV
GTA 5 if you can run it would be awesome but San Andreas are best game ever
Undoubtly , GTA5 is better .Buddy keep in your mind that the ipdates aren't like the official games .
GTA V is better but GTA IV isn't that bad , it has a good graphic
Well i saw many peps playing GTA V and i saaw also GTA IV promotional video, i think GTO IV will be more better .
(06-26-2016, 09:50 AM)RayDuX Wrote: GTA 5 if you can run it would be awesome but San Andreas are best game ever

Yeah, GTA SA is the best game ever Tongue
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idk those games i never play them... they cost to much at steam..
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