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Best Games
Call of Duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: mfhrvy.png.deb4a8037221b9695d800df218e86ef1.png]
I can't choose one i have many but ill go with bf 4 cause i spent 500 hours there
MTA & GTA V <3
Counter Strike
Garrys Mod
Counter Strike: Nexon Zombies
Half-Life 2
APB Reloaded
I Like call of duty and cs:go

I love Grand Theft Auto V <3

MTA is life :3
I like GTA V , assasin's creed , COD mta as well.
hmmm,Spyro was the best game.
My best game is Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 on PC. I like the Zombies Gamemode. My level is max on it and i will re-create soon a new account and will restart with it. Heart
My Favorite Games are the saga of Call of Duty and Battlefield in what refers to FPS and third person I love the GTA ! specifically the san andreas because its online mode is wonderful
GTA Vice City, San Andreas

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